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Atlanta Tourist Attractions – Really Unique!

For many of us, Atlanta is regarded as a business town. Nevertheless, the city is in no means a barren destination for the tourists. Yeah! I agree that there are no beaches to relax and no gothic cathedrals to meditate. However, there are attractive museums, parks, aquariums, zoos, and historic sites; it promises for a memorable holiday destination. Atlanta is an ideal destination for art and history lovers. I am about to share with you the Atlanta tourist attractions that I visited. (more…)

Atlanta attractions that are free or cheap

Regarded as the New South’s front line, Atlanta is still the city of old beauty and elegance, which balances the glossy modernism with the traditions. Plenty of peach trees, sweet tea, three skylines, different parks, various festivals, historic monuments and the busiest airport on the planet make the city a hodgepodge of all what is desired by the tourists. But, there are several Atlanta attractions that are free or can be explored at affordable rates by the budget families and backpackers. So, be happy to know some of the easy-on-pocket Atlanta attractions that include even things to do. (more…)