Greece: A great family vacation in Keramoti

It is no wonder that Greece could be a great family vacation for everybody and for every family no matter of what nationality the people are. It is certainly one of the best places you could go in every time and especially in spring and summer. Greece is always more than one expects. Around every corner it seems thare lurks some hidden treasure:splendid ruins that indicate past glory and long human occupance, a shop full of appealing folkcraft, a beach sited bungalow resort, a stretch of sapphire sea, or a wayside taverna inviting you to lose all sense of time over a glass of wine.


I like Keramoti very much. It is located on a peninsula that was created by the alluvial of Nestos River in millions of years which also made Nestos Delta. Nestos Delta is part of the national park of east Macedonia (Thrace, an internationally well known place of great importance for many bird species that live, rest and winter here. With its many kilometers long beach of fine sand, Keramoti is the ideal vacation place for anybody that wants to relax away from the mass tourism.

The daily routine in Keramoti is still original. The people take care of their provisions since early in the morning or in the evening. In the afternoon the place is very calm and quiet, as most of the people are by the seaside or taking a rest. In the evening, Keramotiotes meet each other in the traditional Volta ( walking ). They stroll across the port street, find friends and finally end up to the cafes or taverns. In contrast to many other areas of Greece, Keramoti is characterized by a lot of green. The immediate surroundings are primarily shaped by agriculture.

Keramoti beach

If you wish and have time you can take a ferry and travel to Tassos, often called the Green Island. It is such a pleasure to travel by ferry, birds are flying around you and the calmness of the sea makes you feel free and happy. Keramoti is only 6 nautical miles from Thassos and is connected to Thassos every hour by modern boats (half an hour`s ride).

Keramoti is 40 kilometers from Kavala and Xanti and 14 kilometers from Chisonpoli. There are regular buses from Kavala-every hour and from Xanti-every half an hour.


There are many family hotels in Keramoti. The atmosphere is cosy by making sure that all guests feel “like at home”. The rooms are comfortable with panoramic views of the bay and the Aegean Sea beyond.