10 Best Amusement Parks for Families in the US

Family Vacation Critic, TripAdvisor’s family travel site, has released its annual list of the Best Amusement Parks for Families. The list was chosen based on family perks, nearby accommodations and new rides and attractions. (more…)

New Hampshire attractions for families

Some of the much appreciated sites await you in New Hampshire. If you planning this time to go for a vacation with your family, but are not ready to spend much; then think of exploring the New Hampshire attractions. Not only you and other elders, but also your kids will love to come here again and again; such is the impact of these highlights. So, if you have decided to enjoy your spared days with the charming New Hampshire attractions, then consider coming to the White Mountain area where there are many fun-filled family friendly sights. (more…)

Pigeon Forge attractions for families

How about a holiday in the middle of the Smokies with your family? Sounds great to me! This time, plan for exploring the family vacation hub – Pigeon Forge in Tennessee. Pigeon Forge attractions are fully loaded with fun, excitement, and thrill; which you will feel proud about for offering to your kids and better half. Right from a comedy show to go-carting and to sky coaster, each corner of this mountain city is alluring for the people of all ages. Should I now tell you how to travel comfortably around? Well, it is none other than the Fun Time Trolley having over 100 trolley halts here. The cost ranges from $0.50 to $0.75 and it runs from 8:30am to at least 10:00 pm. In this article, I will just share with you some of the main family attractions.

One of the most exciting Pigeon Forge attractions is Dollywood theme park offering thrill rides, Smoky mountain cultural treasures, and an exciting water park. (more…)

Bangkok major tourist attractions

Bangkok is a big metropolitan city in Thailand with many districts often confusing visitors from where to start. However, Bangkok tourist attractions are scattered in all directions no matter whether it is sightseeing or activities. Initially, you might have a wrong impression on looking at its concretely dense jungle, heavy traffic, and too much heat. However, the Bangkok tourist attractions such as royal palaces, magnificent temples, and vibrant nightlife will replace your these complaints by soaking you in a truly holiday mood. (more…)

Sandusky Ohio attractions for family fun at Cedar Point Amusement Park

Welcome to the home of the Cedar Point Amusement Park! Yes, this is certainly one of the top Sandusky Ohio attractions. Nestled in northwest Ohio on the north coast of Lake Erie, Sandusky is among the state’s cutest and cleanest towns. For peace lovers, just strolling along the business district’s waterfront is not only safer as compared to the other cities, but is also very soaking; while for the activity enthusiasts, there are opportunities of camping as well as golfing. Among the remaining Sandusky Ohio attractions, you can expect museums, shopping, cruising, boating, water parks, spelunking, and more. (more…)

South Padre Island attractions are mostly related to water fun!

South Padre Island, the ideal Texas beach resort, is nestled on the southern end off the Texas shore and near Mexico frontier. No matter in which season you come here, the South Padre Island attractions as per the changing climate have something to offer to all ages. For college students, spring is the right time, while for the beach goers, summers are best spent here. But, it is worth to know that this island is a beach resort for all seasons as well as for various activities. In addition, because of the South Padre Island attractions related to the water sports, the island has been successfully recognized among the country’s top 10 water sport destinations. And one more award goes to its Laguna Madre Nature Trail for being among the state’s top 10 trails. (more…)

Angel Falls: World’s tallest cascade

With a towering 979 m height and the single free-fall cascade of 810 m, the Angel Falls is aptly regarded as the tallest waterfall on the planet. This waterfall adorns the Canaima National Park – a World Heritage site in the Bolivar’s Gran Sabana area in Venezuela. Stunningly plunging from the border of the table-top Auyantepui Mountain, the falls is right named ‘Angel’ as the term in the Pemon as well as other local languages mean the ‘fall from the uppermost point’ or the ‘waterfall of the most deep site’. Did you know that the height of the Angel Falls is over 10 times more as compared to the Canada’s Niagara Falls? (more…)

New York City attractions: Top restaurants

If you are thinking or making a list of worthy New York City attractions, do include some of its top restaurants without which your trip will always remain incomplete. After all, it is New York that is famous among the gourmets! Get ready to savor the delicacies of its world-class restaurants. (more…)

Atlanta attractions that are free or cheap

Regarded as the New South’s front line, Atlanta is still the city of old beauty and elegance, which balances the glossy modernism with the traditions. Plenty of peach trees, sweet tea, three skylines, different parks, various festivals, historic monuments and the busiest airport on the planet make the city a hodgepodge of all what is desired by the tourists. But, there are several Atlanta attractions that are free or can be explored at affordable rates by the budget families and backpackers. So, be happy to know some of the easy-on-pocket Atlanta attractions that include even things to do. (more…)

Denver attractions that are free

In this High-Mile city, there is no need to put a little stress on your bank balance or on the pocket. Thinking how can this be possible? Well, it is a bit hard to believe; but there are many free Denver attractions that offer the same amount of fun and entertainment as with the chargeable highlights. So, expect plenty of things to see and do at no cost right from historical sites to the picturesque Denver parks. (more…)