Six Things You Need To Avoid When in Budapest

Of course, you want to have the best tours in Europe and one place you must visit to make your tour complete is Budapest. Budapest is steadily becoming one of the most common tourist destinations for every visitor landing into Europe. Now that you have already known the things to do in Budapest at night and during the day, where to spend, and where to eat, why not have an understanding of DON’Ts as long as you are in Budapest?

When you step in this attractive city for your tours, there are some mistakes you are not expected to do else you might end up ruining your planned Budapest pub crawl and tours. So keep them at your fingertips.


Failure to validate your transport ticket

This is a severe mistake in Budapest if you are going to use public transportation. You might end up paying around 50 euros for not validating your ticket. Ensure you show the inspectors your tickets, especially in stopovers like metro stations. You will find some BKK ticket machine where you can buy your ticket to use in any vehicle that you have chosen. Validate the ticket to escape from the fine.

Missing nightlife in ruin bars

You will not have fully utilized your ticket and money if you go to Europe and fail to have at least one Budapest bar tour. Most of these ruin bars have affordable prices, and the cocktails will not make you break a bank to buy one. The 7th district is the place you ought to go if you want to have bar crawls in those multiple ruin bars. You will enjoy different practices, and atmospheres, designs, and styles in various ruin bars.

Gozsdu Passage Budapest

Paying before checking the bill

It is always advisable to always check the menu and bill before even asking for a meal to know how much the restaurant is going to part with. Budapest has a touristy feel, and you expect some restaurants to be charging so high for some dinner, therefore very important to check the bill. Don’t be a victim of high payments.

Assuming that everyone knows English

Well, English is not the official language in Budapest. Most locals know Hungarian and so speaking to everyone English will lead to language barrier which can even mess your Budapest bar tour. Find someone to help you in English, especially young people.

budapest hungarian parliament

Trusting every taxi

Of course, there are genuine taxi guys, especially the ones that have their apps like Taxify, Fotaxi, and City Taxi. However, avoid those taxis that are just waiting around airports or metro areas. You might end up paying too much when carried by such. It is always advisable to check at the meter because fee at Budapest is based on the distance you travel. Every minute usually costs 75 HUF. Always ask whether you can pay via card before boarding any taxi.

Exchanging money around airports

Western Union will sap your money with their very high exchange rates. Look at the rates before doing exchanges and also don’t be desperate looking for where to exchange around airports. Their charges are too high.

Whether you are in Budapest for a pub crawl or bar tour, ensure you are safe. You also need to taste Hungarian meals and learn some language. Of course, pay attention to your belongings too.