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Four unique places to vacation in the Caribbean

When planning a Caribbean vacation, it’s important to choose an island that will fulfill your expectations. For many people, the ideal Caribbean experience is one of palm fringed beaches of powdery white sand, and turquoise waters. While there are many islands like this, some fit the bill more than others. (more…)

Travel Around the World with World Travel Guides

Online World Travel Guides vs Regular Agencies

If you are planning to see the world you need world travel guides. Several years ago travelers-to-be had to pay travel agency that picked an appropriate tour for them according to their interests, needs, and budget. Times have changed and today people can arrange their tours themselves. (more…)

Mexico City: From Aztec Capital to Modern City

Mexico City, or the Distrito Federal, is one of the oldest, largest, and most prosperous cities in the Americas. This city of stark contrasts has been the center of Mexican culture and history since the Aztecs arrived in the city. From its founding, Mexico City has been a city of warriors, conquerors, rebels, and revolutionaries.

The Aztec god Huitzilopochtli sent his wandering subjects in search of a promised land. They sought an eagle with a serpent in its mouth perched on a cactus. The wandering tribe encountered this sign around a series of lakes in south central Mexico. This was the site of Tenochtitlan, the capital city of the Aztec empire. (more…)

Belize tours

belizeImagine Belize. Cave tubing through magical limestone caves, walking lush tropical rain forests. Zip lining like a bird in the jungle canopy, Exploring ancient Mayan Ruins. This is Belize!

If you are vacationing in San Ignacio, Belize choose our unique Tours as we are waiting to show you the best of our tropical paradise. We provide a wide selection tours in Belize to the same leading sites offered by other companies. We can also take you to spots off the beaten path, all while introducing you to Belize’s true personality. (more…)