5 Handy Tips For A Pub Crawl in Budapest

A pub crawl is when an individual visit several pubs and have one or two drinks, usually in a group of fellow crawlers. Given the popularity of Budapest’s party life, tourists flock to the city to enjoy the renowned bars. Hence, a fantastic aspect of pub crawls is the avenue to meet and have an exciting night with other crawlers and the local guides.

Whether you are part of a low-key, small or big bar crawl event, there are some things to take note of. Here are some insightful tips to ensure that you have the best experience when pub crawling in Budapest.

#1 The Pub Crawl is not a Tour!

Though Budapest is rich in history and culture, do not expect that the local guide will spend so much time giving you the history of every ruin pub you encounter while on the crawl. The key idea of a pub crawl is to indulge in the Budapest nightlife. So, if your pub crawl guide offers fascinating information about the pubs or the city, that’s a bonus.

#2 Walk, Walk, and More Walk!

As you prepare to indulge in a Budapest pub crawl, zero your mind to the fact that there’ll be a lot of walking involved. Typically, pub crawling involves moving on foot from one pub to another while getting drunker. With the numerous bars and ruin pubs in Budapest, pub crawling usually involves visiting over five venues which may not be in close proximity. So, expect lots of walking!


#3 Know Your Limit

Most pub crawls in Budapest usually include free shots, welcome beers, specified time for unlimited free drinks, additional drinks and exclusive discounts. Thus, you might get drunk sooner than you expect. Before going on a pub crawl, it is advised that you know your limit, so you don’t get to “crawl” while shit-faced. If you don’t know your limit, take things slow while you figure it out.

#4 Venues’ Policies

While you are on a pub crawl, you can get free entry into a nightclub, skip the queues, and get free or discounted drinks. However, that pretty much ends your special privileges. The primary night out rules still apply – respect the bar and everyone in it. If you are entirely drunk when you get to a venue, you might be denied entry.

#5 Pay attention to your Pub Crawl Guide

This is important as the guides are the ones to inform you about where to get free shots, the exclusive discounts and the allocated time to spend in each bar.

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While pub crawling in Budapest, you can enjoy all that the Budapest nightlife has to offer in the best bars and clubs together with tourists from around the globe. You can get to meet and know people over drinks while you all crawl from one bar to the next. Enjoy bar tours in Budapest and give amazing testimonies.