Top 5 Fun Things to Do When You Visit Athens

Athens is a bubbly city established among breathtaking hills and surrounded by beautiful mountains. Inhabited for more than 2,000 years, Athens is popularly known as the birthplace of Western civilization and the home of democracy. Made up of a large city center, metropolitan area, and urban district, Athens presents a blend of ancient and modern cultures.

Athens is well-known for its archaeological ruins. However, this city is not just about ancient remains. This lively city is also an excellent destination for culture, mouth-watering cuisines, sports, and nightlife. Athens is a large city and quite tricky to navigate as a newcomer. That’s why there are a lot of companies providing Athens Airport transfers for you. These services come with good drivers and great cars that will take you to your destination safely.

If you are planning to visit Athens anytime soon, here is a list of some fun things you can do.

Monastiraki Square Athens

1.   Climb to the Acropolis

Catching a view of the ancient Acropolis is the most common thing to do in Athens. This place can be very crowdy because everyone wants to go there, so you need to go early. The site opens around 8 am and people start to arrive around by 10 -11 am so you need to get there around 9 am. When you get there, you can get a breathtaking view of places like the Theatre of Dionsys (oldest theatre in Greece), Byzantine and Christian Museum, etc.

Acropolis Athens

2.   Visit Hadrian’s Library

If that does not interest you, you can see Hadrian’s library. It is a fun place to visit. The Hadrian library is not like the libraries we have today. It was a place where people go to study, not a place where you can get books.

Hadrian Library Athens

3.   Visit the Edem Beach

Next on the list is Edem Beach. Athens has a lot of beautiful beaches, and Edem is on the top of that list. You can relax and enjoy the soothing beach waves, play some beach games like volleyball and even build sand castles. You can also get a tasty dish at the Edem Taverna situated on the beach.

edem beach athens

4.   Go to the Benaki Museum

If you want to know about Greek culture, the Benaki Museum is the ideal place you need to visit. This famous museum houses Greek culture from ancient to modern times. When you visit the Benaki Museum, you will get a chance to mesmerizing sculptures, fascinating swords, historical documents and a lot more.

Benaki Museum Athens

5.   Break Things at Limba Rage Room

For most people when they feel stressed out or boiling in anger, they have this urge to smash something. Well, if you are this kind of person, then the LImba Rage Room is a place to let out your anger or emotions. When you get there, you will buy a package. This package may include bottles, plates, glasses, etc. After buying your package, all you have to do is smash them! It is a good stress reviler and one of the most fun things to do in Athens.