Finding last minute vacation deals

Finding last minute vacation deals can be an interesting process. There are hundreds originating every day from many internet sources, and when you’re ready to travel, you can book the right one for you.

First, to plan the vacation, establish a list of your needs to cover all possibilities. When last-minute offers occur, no matter how attractive the bargain, not many potential vacationers can just drop everything and take off. You must be ready at all times to make quick decisions involving such considerations as times of availability, your budget limits, methods of transportation, length of vacation, weather, locations and other important features.

The beach at Divi Divi, Aruba

The beach at Divi Divi, Aruba

The most obvious and handiest resource for last minute vacation deals is the internet, a vast storehouse of information on all kinds of travel. Some of the most popular online travel agencies include,,, and

Additionally, by registering your name, email address and requirments for last minute travel with one or more of those websites, you’ll get regular email updates on deals as quickly as they originate. There are online agencies that feature membership clubs that specialize in providing those services to subscribers.

Online travel agencies aren’t the only resource for finding last-minute vacation deals. If you patronize a neighborhood travel agency, let the people there know when you’re available for quick-breaking travel opportunities. Because they’re familiar with your previous travel bookings with them, and know your preferences, they can target specific deals that will appeal to you.

Sandals All Inclusive Resorts

Travelers may prefer to seek out last-minute vacation deals by calling directly to hotel chains, resorts, cruise lines, tour companies and airlines. Another way to find last minute vacation deals is to keep in touch with group travel planners at local colleges, schools, churches, service clubs and other social organizations.

The best way to be ready to take advantage of last minute vacation deals is to follow the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. Keep a basic suitcase or wheeled carry-on packed with at least a week’s supply of clothing, footwear, toiletries and other necessities, to be ready for a quick exit from your home.

Additionally, have several hundred dollars in cash and/or traveler’s checks on hand. If you use prescription medications, be sure you always have at least a two-week supply on hand. As soon as you do all of that, all you need to do is sit down by the phone and/or computer screen and expect all of those great last minute vacation deals to come pouring in.