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Hotel where you can experience a bath in stone bathtub

Everybody wants to spend their vacation as comfortably as possible. Not many places in the world can be as comfortable as a natural stone bathtub. Have a look at these hotels and be impressed with amazing additions to their beauty. Something that hotel designers all over the world are become more and more interested in. (more…)

Los Angeles Residence Inn Hotels

Marriott Residence Inns are terrific places to stay when traveling. The accommodations are comfortable and spacious, much like being at home. I have stayed at several Residence Inns and feel they are a great place to stay. The condo or townhouse accommodations are especially great for extended stays, for business travelers and for families. There are 18 Residence Inns located throughout the Los Angeles area. (more…)

Pet-friendly hotels in Wisconsin

hotelDoor County, Wisconsin is one of the best vacation destinations in the Midwest. The peninsula on the east side of Wisconsin is within about a four hour drive from Chicago, Illinois and a three hour drive from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
The beautiful peninsula consists of several small towns lining the coastline of Lake Michigan.

There are 300 miles of lake front in Door County. Attractions in Door County include lighthouses, parks, lush forested land, winery tours and entertainment. (more…)

Batam Hotels for the Budget Traveler

Batam, Indonesia is an export zone and a duty free area. The town was a mere backwater prior to it being such a popular location. The region is extremely popular with tourists and there is no dearth to quality here. (more…)