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Fun Family-Friendly Destinations for Toddlers

Some parents hesitate to bring their toddlers on vacation, not realizing that they’re actually missing out on a perfect chance to spread wanderlust at an early age. Having a baby or toddler doesn’t mean that you’re always stuck at home, looking after your precious one. With so many kid-friendly destinations like the places below, it’s no longer difficult to plan a holiday with toddlers in tow.  (more…)

Attractions in Golden Gate Park – A Paradise for Humans, Flora, and Fauna

A vast rectangular urban park with millions of visitors each year is the great Golden Gate Park of San Francisco. With its third rank in the list of most visited parks in U.S., I can tell you that the park is the beloved of the humans, birds, flowers, plants, and certain wild animals like dogs and frogs. This spectacular landmark starts from the Pacific shore to cover some 1017 acre of inland made since 1890s. When John McLaren, a Scot started with this project, he faced several challenges from sand dunes and winds, which was solved by building a natural wall surrounding the area. (more…)

Discover on-site hotels and resorts at Disneyworld

When you are in Disney world everything around you is magic. Amidst the enjoyment of Disney world choosing the right Disneyworld hotel for yourself is an important element to make the most out of your trip. There are now over two dozen resort hotels that you can pick and choose from. (more…)

10 Family Activities for a Palm Springs Getaway

After months of the winter blues, it is time to explore an outdoor playground with blooming desert wildflowers, guaranteed sunshine and warm weather. Whether soaring on a giant aerial tram, horseback riding along mountain vistas, or simply relaxing by the pool, here are ten family-friendly activities for a memorable spring vacation (more…)

Disneyland Travel Costs

Affordable family vacations to the Disneyland resort in Anaheim, CA are not as hard to find as you may think. Even in the middle of an economic slowdown, discount Disneyland tickets are readily available online if you are willing and patient enough to do a fair amount of Internet research and compare prices from dozens of different bargain vacation websites. (more…)

Los Angeles Residence Inn Hotels

Marriott Residence Inns are terrific places to stay when traveling. The accommodations are comfortable and spacious, much like being at home. I have stayed at several Residence Inns and feel they are a great place to stay. The condo or townhouse accommodations are especially great for extended stays, for business travelers and for families. There are 18 Residence Inns located throughout the Los Angeles area. (more…)

Top Ski Resorts in California

Best Places to Ski in California

Mammoth Mountain, California: For those who live on the West coast, you do not need to go as far as you may think to find a great mountain to ski. Mammoth Mountain in the town of Mammoth Lakes, California is a great option for people who want to ski a big mountain but would prefer to drive rather than fly. (more…)