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Four unique places to vacation in the Caribbean

When planning a Caribbean vacation, it’s important to choose an island that will fulfill your expectations. For many people, the ideal Caribbean experience is one of palm fringed beaches of powdery white sand, and turquoise waters. While there are many islands like this, some fit the bill more than others. (more…)

When is the best time to visit Argentina?

Argentina is a magnet for travelers who come to feel its energy charm, culture and, of course, its natural wonders. But when is the best time to go? Whether you are looking for some of the most beautiful remote wilderness on the planet in Patagonia or a cosmopolitan city in Buenos Aires. (more…)

Tayrona National Park: Elegantly natural

Not many are aware of this natural treasure that is known as the Tayrona National Park that engulfs one of the most beloved coasts of South America. This is the natural delight of archaeological relics, native productions, and land as well as water adventures accessible from Santa Marta in Magdalena that is at 25 miles. The entire surroundings here are filled with thorny scrubland, corals, algae, prairies, cloud forests, mangrove swamps, as well as magical fauna, which facilitate an indulging experience. (more…)

Angel Falls: World’s tallest cascade

With a towering 979 m height and the single free-fall cascade of 810 m, the Angel Falls is aptly regarded as the tallest waterfall on the planet. This waterfall adorns the Canaima National Park – a World Heritage site in the Bolivar’s Gran Sabana area in Venezuela. Stunningly plunging from the border of the table-top Auyantepui Mountain, the falls is right named ‘Angel’ as the term in the Pemon as well as other local languages mean the ‘fall from the uppermost point’ or the ‘waterfall of the most deep site’. Did you know that the height of the Angel Falls is over 10 times more as compared to the Canada’s Niagara Falls? (more…)

Travel Around the World at Low Cost

Ask whoever you want: “Do you want to travel around the world?”, and the answer will be:”Of course I do!”. “Why don’t you do it then?” – “Are you kidding me?”… So, why people treat travelling the world like travelling to Mars? The main reason is budget of course. Stop being one who dreams – start being one who does! Below are some easy tips on how to travel around the world on limited budget. (more…)

Travel Around the World with World Travel Guides

Online World Travel Guides vs Regular Agencies

If you are planning to see the world you need world travel guides. Several years ago travelers-to-be had to pay travel agency that picked an appropriate tour for them according to their interests, needs, and budget. Times have changed and today people can arrange their tours themselves. (more…)