Things to do in Oslo

Oslo is the capital of Norway, and also its largest city. Oslo has about five hundred thousand inhabitants here. The city of Oslo is a stronghold of culture in the country, and has had a past that can be described as illustrious. There is a whole number of historical monuments that stand in picture book testimony to the entire historical background. Oslo, as is, is the most ancient capital of the Nordic countries, and was established as far back as the year 1048.


The city was established by last Viking Monarch Harald the 3 r d. For a long period of time in its history, Oslo was not much more than a fairly large sized town. The city was named Christiania for some time, and it was only in 1925 that the historical name of Oslo came into being.

Although the city of Oslo is the capital of Norway, and among the most developed cities in the world, it is surrounded by forests and fjords and the feel here is very much countryside. The fresh green spaces make for relaxing locations. The country side is also not far away. There are plenty of Oslo attractions that are related to culture and history, but Oslo sightseeing is at its best when it is of the nature in and around the city. There are a number of things to do in Oslo.

Oslo has a sheer smorgasbord of delights that make for a completely authentic experience. Let us have a look at the main Oslo attractions.


Top Oslo sightseeing attractions – things to do in Oslo

Edvard Munch and Henrik Ibsen

Two greats from Norway, the painter Edvard Munch, and the playwright Henrik Ibsen have museums with a whole range of displays related to their work. Edward Munch pioneered Expressionist art. ‘Scream’ is his best known work, and has been used in advertisements. The painting has numerous versions, as well as a number of spoof paintings such as a Homer Simpson version. The Munch museum houses a whole range of works by the artist. Henrik Ibsen is among the most performed playwrights of all times. This is among the most fun things to do in Oslo.

Numerous buildings are of interest, and should be incorporated in your Oslo sightseeing trip, such as the Royal Palace, the Parliament Building ( Storting ) and the National Theater. The historical museum is among the must see Oslo attractions, and has a whole range of displays related to the Viking eras.