When is the best time to visit Norway?

Norway is impossibly beautiful with some of the most dramatic scenery on earth. It is truly a nature lovers, paradise, but when is the best time to go when it comes to breathtaking scenery, modern fun, cities warm and friendly locals and a mind-boggling Viking history, Norway ticks all the boxes blessed with staggering fjords imposing peaks, grand glaciers and astonishing Arctic Wonders Norway is a picture postcard, adventure, playground and the Norwegians themselves had just as fun with a warm hospitable and sophisticated culture and a passion for food of festivals and innovation.

You’ll love spending time with them in the photogenic cities and villages around the country, Norway’s. Landscapes can be just as incredible in the winter as a summer, and both seasons have equal merit.

Winter is an amazing season to experience. Norway, the Northern Lights, dance in the sky, Christmas is celebrated with festive lights and markets. The lakes freeze, most of the north is blanketed in white, snow and ice, and all kinds of winter activities are on offer from snowshoeing to skiing, dog, sledding and snowmobiling.

The Arctic landscape surround Tromsø and onyx fog. The northernmost city in Norway remind you that you’re at the end of the world and are some of the best locations to witness the Northern Lights. Winter can create a peak travel period in the north of the country, but for the south, the very short days of weather do mean it’s.

Low season, the cities of Trondheim and Oslo are still bustling and welcoming, but it is bitterly cold and many services and locations are reduced outside of the towns. The bonus is that you won’t, be battling many other tourists up north above the Arctic Circle.

Trump’s, own Hoenig swag will average around minus one degree during winter, but temperatures of course, can plummet much below that. Trondheim and Oslo. Will hover around zero degrees at this time of the year and of course, the hours of sunlight in the day are at the lowest spring, and Norway can be very short thanks to the long winter and when it arrives, it brings spectacular wild flowers, flowing rivers and Waterfalls with the snowmelt and a burst of color to the landscapes, the hours of daylight increase gradually, but the temperatures, though sunnier, can still be a little bit on the cool side.

Spring temperatures in the far north are around seven degrees near the north. Cape town of Königsberg and nine degrees in Tromso. Trondheim is around 13 and also low starts warming up in May, with around 17 degrees.

Summer is peak period, especially for visiting the mountains fjords and valleys further south in Norway, a cruise on magical, gauranga, fjord or a journey on the famous flam railway is simply spectacular at this time of the year when the days are incredibly long and the Sun is Usually shining in the North, it is truly the land of the Midnight Sun and it shines all the day and night long.

This is extraordinary to experience, perhaps on a midnight boat cruise surrounded by epic Arctic landscapes. Summer, doesn’t necessarily equate to hot weather in Norway, however, and its latitude close to the Arctic means summers might have long sunny days, but still be quite mild in Oslo, temperatures average around 23 degrees, and there is some rainfall around in summer.

Further north, the university town of Trondheim is around 20 degrees and perfect weather for indulging in the local food scene that the Norwegians are so passionate about in the north. Tromso averages around 16 degrees and 13 degrees in hanukkah’s Park where the Sun shines 24 hours a day, foodies and photographers love autumn.

In Norway, the forests turn beautiful shades of red and gold, and the harvest season produces a rich food scene. Favoring local ingredients and slow-cooked called a climate food and in the North, the reindeer are returned to their winter pastures, a sight to be relished near Hollings, berg and the day slowly gets shorter before rain turns to snow.

In November Oslo, with its cutting-edge architecture, thriving art, scene and cool culture is a great place to be an autumn with temperatures around 10 degrees in October. Trondheim will also be around 10 degrees with plenty of bars and restaurants to spend time in and in the north.

Things are starting to get chilly with temperatures around five degrees. During the day there’s, no question that any time of year Norway will be which travelers with its beauty. When will you go? You

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