Five Simple Tips for Taking Hop-on Hop-off Buses in Budapest

Are you visiting Budapest for the first time? Navigating the city (given its large landmass) is not a walk in the park. But here is good news for you;  you’re not alone. Ranked the second fastest-developing urban economy in Europe, Budapest records a great number of visits and immigration ‘year in year out.’ Given this, you are going to meet other first-timers like you who are lost on where to go next or where to find their next adventure. Hop-on hop-off buses provide you means to explore the essential parts of the city in a relatively short period. You can see the Buda Castle, visit the Hungarian parliament, see the city landmark, and learn about the cultures— all in a day, two, or even in a few hours.

hop on hop off budapest

Considering that there are various hop-on-hop-off buses in Budapest, you might want to read through the following quick tips:

Make inquiries on which bus will be more convenient for you

A Budapest hop on hop off bus can have open-top while another might be closed. If you’re a photography freak and don’t want to miss capturing any gorgeous sight, you might want to consider hop-on-hop-off buses that have open-top, as they give you the convenience of taking any pictures from the top part of the double-decker bus.

Ensure you have your preferred headphones in your bag

While in a Budapest bus, you are accompanied by a local guide who informs you about the cultures and histories of Budapest, as well as other necessary information. Headphones are typically given to each person to make the message passed more audible. You might find yourself in a situation where you’d prefer using yours, so you can ask to connect your headphones for more comfort.

hop on hop off budapest

Try to arrive at the starting point

While you can board most buses from any stop and pay right away, there is no guarantee that you will not have missed visiting the fascinating locations. Taking a hop-on hop-off bus from the starting point gives you the privilege to fully explore the best places in Budapest, without missing any vital information.

Check the tour guide book

You will be given a book that highlights all the stops and routes that will be taken on the tour. All buses don’t take the same routes, so check if the bus is passing through or stopping at the places you’re most interested in seeing.

Ensure you hop back on the right bus

Given that hop-on-hop-off buses have a designated route, it’s not surprising to see buses that look alike pass you by. When you alight from your bus to a stop that catches your interest, ensure you picture your bus in your mind. That’s because different buses have a different schedule, and getting on the wrong one means you pass through a route again or miss seeing the places.


Budapest is a wonderful city with an array of jaw-dropping places to visit. Use the tips given here to take a hop-on-hop-off bus and get to explore the best parts of the city in a short period.