Accommodation for groups in Krakow

There are a few places that are regional capitals of tourism and the country. In case of Krakow, a former capital of Poland has that status in the Europe. The city is a magnet for tourists – and they come in organised groups from all around the Poland and the world.

Landmarks, theatres, artistic happenings, concerts, tourists attractions – it’s a grave mistake to come to Krakow just for one day. If we wish to feel the vibe of Krakow, we should plan our stay for a little over one day or else we might miss the charm of Old Town alleys in the night. It’s worth to make a reservation for the night and dive into the atmosphere of the former capital of Poland.

Accommodation in Krakow.

The perfect combination of low price and high standard of hostel is Draggo House. It combines a good price, modern interior, Wi-Fi, smart TV, bathrooms in every room and a convenient location (2 minutes from the main square, 8 minutes from Wawel hill). It’s a good option for individual tourists as well as groups. Staying in a hostel in the Old Town ( ) allows to visit many landmarks within a walking distance and a range of gastronomy points.

accommodation Krakow

Old City landmarks

Old City is loaded with landmarks, almost every corner has a history to tell. What should we focus on are the churches – Old Town has more churches than any other city in Poland. The must-see church is Mariacki on the Main Square.

But we should not omit other buildings. The characteristic feature of Krakow is the collapse of many historical periods. We may find gothic basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, it’s worth visiting for its’ secession. That is where the stained-glass window of Father God by Wyspianski is placed. On the other side of the Square we might find a tiny roman church of St. Adalbert anda baroque church of Pijars’ brothers. The fascinating feature of that church are 3D elements of e.g. ceiling.

Museums and folklore

But churches are not the only thing to visit in the Old Town. For museum fans there is Museum of Czartoryskich. For children and teenagers the more interesting one might be a museum, situated near a hotel, underground – it shows the history of Krakow and the Main Square with interactive parts and tasks for the youth.

Near the hostel you may find a famous Pope’s window by the Franciszkańska street. It is the place from which John Paul II spoke to the Poles whenever he visited Krakow. On the other side of the Square one may find a Florian’s Gate with an eagle –an emblem of Piasts’, which was designed by Matejko – a Polish artist. The folklore of the city are painters who sell their work by the Gate. We may encounter many street artists who are a part of the Old Town.

Is that all?

The attractions that were mentioned are just a fraction of what the city has to offer (and we only described the Old Town!). Wawel Castle, Museum of Contemporary Art, National Theatre… it is impossible to mention all, but the best way is to reserve a hostel Draggo in Krakow and see for yourself!