Hotel where you can experience a bath in stone bathtub

Everybody wants to spend their vacation as comfortably as possible. Not many places in the world can be as comfortable as a natural stone bathtub. Have a look at these hotels and be impressed with amazing additions to their beauty. Something that hotel designers all over the world are become more and more interested in.

Natural stone bathtub in paradise setting!

These tubs are definitely something else than regular acrylic bathtubs. Thanks to the building network of Lux4home™ distributors, they are getting more accessible and affordable by day! Do not hestitate to contact us directly if by any chance there is seem to be no distributor in your area. Our team will assist you in the entire process either by getting you in touch with our dealer. We are also able to dropship

Stone bathtub alongside stone sinks make perfect additions to the hotel’s attractions.

One of the best ideas among architects that we work with is a stone bathtub and stone sinks in a hotel resort in Antigua.
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This and many other places gained an incredible charm thanks to the natural stone bathtub and rock sinks!

What exactly gives those products a great advantage over regular bathtubs? It is the fact that they are created by nature in the process that took hundred millions of years or more! Submerged in lava, water, freezing cold an scorching sun. Needless to say that our stone bathtubs are surely prepared to withstand a lot more. Many contractors as well as private buyers choose these extraordinary products every year. The fashion for natural stone bathtub is here to stay!

The decision to purchase a stone bathtub is practically never regretted, because of the sole fact that these tubs are so easy to maintain and absolutely robust which is proven by the fact that each year we are getting more and more positive feedback from the authors of the hotel projects, SPAs or restaurants where our stone sinks and bathtub are chosen.

Freestanding Marble Bathtub - Granite Bathtub

Freestanding Marble Bathtub – Granite Bathtub