Fun Family-Friendly Destinations for Toddlers

Some parents hesitate to bring their toddlers on vacation, not realizing that they’re actually missing out on a perfect chance to spread wanderlust at an early age. Having a baby or toddler doesn’t mean that you’re always stuck at home, looking after your precious one. With so many kid-friendly destinations like the places below, it’s no longer difficult to plan a holiday with toddlers in tow. 

Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica Orlando

Theme Park Thrills

The fail-proof way to keep the kids spellbound is to take them to a fun weekend stay in a theme park. Orlando is the best place to be, if you are in search of magical rides, photo ops with much-loved characters and other exciting activities. The Walt Disney World Resort amazes with its daunting choices within four parks. The water parks provide a promise of nonstop adventure during summer. Choose from different types of accommodations within the property, from deluxe villas to camping grounds.


Kraken SeaWorld Orlando

Farm Life with the Family

Experiencing life in a working farm is another popular choice for a family getaway. Aside from being an inexpensive trip, a farm stay teaches kids about animals and nature. Tiny tots can take delight in petting goats, ducks, horses and other farm animals. Families staying in working farms are also encouraged to help during feeding times. For farms that are located in lush countryside settings, guests can expect more fun-filled activities like hiking, fishing and swimming.

Sun, sea and sand

When you’re looking for a destination that the entire family can appreciate, the beach is a no-brainer solution. Furthermore, a myriad of all-inclusive resorts and cheap hotels catering to families with little children are waiting for you in the Bahamas! You can directly book your Caribbean hotels at Toddlers can enjoy the feel of the pearly white sand on their toes and making a splash in the pristine waters. The Caribbean destination also offers water parks, animal conservation centers and interactive museums that will keep families busy during their vacation.

Caribbean family vacation

Close encounters with Mother Nature

If you want your kids to develop a lifelong passion for the outdoors, visiting a national park will just do the trick. Watch how your kids will react upon seeing tall trees, grassy trails and glistening lakes. National parks also offer a breath of fresh air and a wonderful respite for families living in the big city. Popular choices in America include Olympic National Park in Washington and Yosemite National Park in California.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Baby’s Day Out in the City

For a short weekend getaway, sprawling urban centers like Washington DC, New York City and Chicago are perfect vacation hotspots. Parents can find host museums that are appropriate for young children, as well as zoos, parks and other kid-friendly attractions in the big city. Take advantage of hotels that serve families through leisure programs for kids and special dining promos for the family. The urban setting makes for a great venue for sightseeing during spring, summer and autumn.