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Fun Family-Friendly Destinations for Toddlers

Some parents hesitate to bring their toddlers on vacation, not realizing that they’re actually missing out on a perfect chance to spread wanderlust at an early age. Having a baby or toddler doesn’t mean that you’re always stuck at home, looking after your precious one. With so many kid-friendly destinations like the places below, it’s no longer difficult to plan a holiday with toddlers in tow.  (more…)

Orlando Florida Attractions – Home of Mickey Mouse

Known as the greatest amusement park in the U.S., Orlando has its own way of offering a range of attractions of all types and times. Right from Disney parks to restaurants to lake-side activities, the region witnesses millions of visitors each year for which its ‘all-at-one’ feature is responsible. What I mean by that is there are historic sites, amusement parks, film studios, shopping paradises, great restaurants, and adventure sports at 300 lakes, springs, and rivers – all at one place – Orlando! The town has provided the opportunity of the first time start of famous celebrities such as Anthony Perkins of Psycho, Buddy Ebsen, the late Beverly Hillbilly, comedian Wayne Brady, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake. (more…)