Florida Keys Resorts – Beautiful Family Vacation Choices

The Florida Keys are one of the most beautiful family vacation choices within the United States. This region features tranquil ocean waters, seaside fun, and activities to please everyone. As well, you will find a barrage of gorgeous accommodations. Florida Keys resorts are known for their many amenities, luxuriant extras, and friendly staff. Below is a guide to some of the different resorts vacationers may choose from.

Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort

Florida Keys Resorts - Tranquility Bay Beach House
This resort features a town house design. Each unit is situated on beautiful ocean front. Inside you will find a kitchen and separate bedrooms. These dwellings are set up very much like a private apartment.

They are spacious and comfortable.

On the grounds you will find two pools. One is child friendly, as is the beach. The second pool is for adults only. This way all guests feel welcome.

The resort does feature a bar and on grounds restaurant. The restaurant has a wide menu assortment. Food choice will satisfy children and parents alike.

Cheeca Lodge and Spa

Cheeca Lodge in Florida
This is one of the most gorgeous resort structures in the Florida Keys. The architectural design of this dwelling has a touch of old Spanish romance. To approach the door one must walk down a path of beautiful palm trees with tranquil reflection pools on either side. The corridors are adorned with elegant oval arches.

The inside of this resort is no less graceful. It features a mass of detailed, mahogany woodwork. Each room is loaded with a wealth of luxuries.

The property sits on a private beach. The beautiful sand will captivate your attentions. The water will sweep away the stresses of every day reality.

Hawk’s Cay Resort

This resort lends more of traditional island feel to the vacationing family. While the resort is luxuriant it is also casual. You will have five islands to explore. Not one member of the family will never become bored. There are a mass of activities to be found without ever having to leave the grounds!

You will be amazed by the beautiful beach. As well, the gorgeous sun setting over the waters, and above massive boats will be a vision you will not soon forget. This is the resort of choice!

Holiday Inn, Key Largo Resort and Marina

If your goal is to find a luxury filled accommodation at a reasonable price, Holiday Inn, Key Largo Resort and Marina is an excellent choice. The hotel sits on the ocean front. It even has breathtaking private beach around it.

You will feel like a local islander as you visit the many tiki huts. The children will have hours of fun splashing beneath the pools tropical themed water falls. If fishing is your sport you will be delighted to know that you are within viewing distance of the Marian.

This hotel offers many of the amenities of a high priced resort at only a fraction of the cost. It is family oriented. However, this is far from being the average Holiday Inn.

The Last Word on Florida Keys Resorts

Any of these resorts will satisfy your island needs and of course there are countless more to choose from for whatever your family vacation needs are. They each offer an unique island setting. The only downfall is having to choose only one!