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Germany’s River Cruises

Germany’s river cruising boats are growing in popularity over the years in the sense that several tourists have a nice time on board. Many rivers run across the country and they add fervor to the river landscape brought about by the Rhine, Danube, Moselle and Elbe to name a few. (more…)

The State Library of Bamberg, Germany

There are more than 14,000 libraries in Germany. The State Library of Bamberg in Bavaria which is one of the oldest of the German libraries was founded in the year 1803. The Library has been housed since 1965 in the former royal ‘New Residence’ of the bishop of Bamberg. This is the first library where woodcut illustrated books written in the German language found place. Priority is given to humanities in the Bamberg State Library. 450,000 volumes of research material is stored in the form of manuscripts. Researches throng to the Bamgerg State Library to refer to these volumes and pursue their research work. (more…)

The Gardens of Germany

Germany is known for its greenery. It is a country laden with parks and gardens that gladdens the hearts of lovers of nature. Tiergarten is Berlin’s largest park and it is an automatic choice for the Germans and the tourists for recreation. It attracts thousands during the summer. The high ‘Victory Column’, one of Berlin’s well-known landmarks, is situated in the center of the park. Schloss Bellevue, the official residence of the President of Germany, lies well within this wonderful park. (more…)

Joyful Cologne

Cologne (Köln) is situated on the banks of the River Rhine and it is the fourth largest city in Germany. It is well known for its scenic beauty and vibrant life about it. Rich heritage surrounds this historic city. The city boasts of seating some of the world’s famous universities. (more…)

Four Tourist Spots in Germany

Germany boasts of several tourist spots that attract thousands of visitors who revel in tasting their visual beauty. Some of these tourist spots are the Black Forest, the Romantic Road, the Frisian Island and Neuschwanstein Castle. (more…)