Joyful Cologne

Cologne (Köln) is situated on the banks of the River Rhine and it is the fourth largest city in Germany. It is well known for its scenic beauty and vibrant life about it. Rich heritage surrounds this historic city. The city boasts of seating some of the world’s famous universities.  It is the seat of Catholic Archbishop as well. Cologne is laden with architectural beauty with the presence of many galleries and museums and thus it is a seat of rich culture and art too. The Art Cologne Fair is a wonderful event that catches the eye of the tourist. The Cologne Carnival forms a part of the Art Cologne Fair. Lanxess Arena, Cologne University, Cologne Cathedral, Farina Fragrance Museum, Romanesque Churches, Museum Ludwig and El De Haus are some of the landmarks of the city.

Cologne, Colorful old houses in the ancient city, Martinswinkel

Museum Ludwig was founded in the year 1976.  It was started with a collection of 350 works of art. Most of these pieces are related to modern art. The Ludwigs apart from installing the museum also donated hundreds of rare works by Pablo Picasso.  Peter and Irene Ludwig are the two popular personalities associated with this Museum Ludwig.