Bregenz Attractions

Bregenz lake district, Pfander, Voralberg Provincial Museum and Upper town or Oberstadt are some of the well known Bregenz tourist attractions in Austria. Bregenz lake district houses a beautiful leisure park and a music pavilion on the bank of the lake. Open air and beach bathing pools are situated on the other side which has a tennis club and a sports stadium as well. This place in Austria is well-known for musical activities.

Bregenz, Bodensee

East of Bragenz is the Pfander, a mountain region that abounds in scenic beauty. Skiing and climbing activity are the two best known amusements there. Voralberg Provincial Museum is situated on the northern side of Bregenz. There are collections of cultural, historical and artistic interest exhibited in this museum. These collections range from the prehistoric period to the present day. There are remnants of the 13th century walls still remain in the Upper Town, a province of old Bregenz.