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Island Exploration: Menorca, Spain

Next time you are planning a visit to the Balearic Islands, consider visiting Menorca (also spelled Minorca). Just 21 miles away from the popular island of Mallorca, Menorca seems to have avoided becoming overrun and overdeveloped by tourism. It is the second largest island of the Balearic, with more beaches than Mallorca and Ibiza combined, Menorca has a reputation for being peaceful and quiet. Resorts can be found in the south, while fishing villages line the north coast. (more…)

Majorca Attractions – Purely for Family and Children!

Mallorca is a large Mediterranean island in Spain perfectly fir for families, but in particular foe children. It would not be wrong to say that it is an ideal holiday destination for children. This is because the Spanish inhabitants love children to such an extent that even a waiter in a restaurant will hug your kid. In fact, the Majorca attractions are dedicated to families and kids, who can play on its sandy beaches and its alluring resorts, go for a pony ride, learn golf, swim in the waters, explore the mysterious caves, experience the amusement parks, and meet dolphins and sea lions. (more…)