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Washington D.C. Attractions – For all Ages!

This is among those holiday destinations in the United States, which we would all, right from children to older citizens, like to visit at least once in our lifetime. And look! Fulfilling the fantasies and wishes, the Washington D.C. attractions allure people of all ages. Full of gems of American history, the horde of attractions are so captivating that you might not feel like leaving them away. (more…)

Kid Friendly Washington DC: A Capital Place for Children

With the White House home to two First Daughters, the city is stirring with activities for even the youngest DC visitors. Packed with dozens of free, kid-friendly attractions, Washington, DC is an ideal destination for a fun, educational family vacation. And even as the District’s traditionally historic sites continue to amaze and inspire, DC’s new exhibitions and attractions are doing their part to engage the city’s family visitors with interactive experiences. In addition to the city’s most famous family-focused attractions, here’s a list of some kid friendly museums and attractions that you might otherwise miss. (more…)