Washington D.C. Attractions – For all Ages!

This is among those holiday destinations in the United States, which we would all, right from children to older citizens, like to visit at least once in our lifetime. And look! Fulfilling the fantasies and wishes, the Washington D.C. attractions allure people of all ages. Full of gems of American history, the horde of attractions are so captivating that you might not feel like leaving them away. One more highlight of these attractions is that they are all easily reachable due to easy transport system such as Metro rail subway and Metro bus making Washington among the easiest metropolitan areas to navigate on Earth.

Above all, I experienced that if you are a first-time visitor; discover this deserving capital on foot as it is quite interesting to do so for its awesome monuments, museums, theaters, gardens, squares, and circles. Now, I am about to tell you about those major Washington D.C. attractions that I visited.



This District of Columbia is split for easy navigation into four quadrants namely, Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast. My first discovery was in the Northeast quadrant – the Basilica – National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception where thousands of people from different regions of the globe come here. This is the patronal church of the nation and Marian Shrine wherein people come to be a part of the mass and confession. This splendid structure is now 150 year old and is a national treasure on the Michigan Avenue.

Next, in the same zone, the Capital Children’s Museum was really a good practical experience for my small cousins who learned to make Mexican cocoa and animation techniques, went through the science presentations, and explored the deep displays related to our human world. A small trip was then to the George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens on the George Washington Parkway. Visit his well preserved home and grounds, do some good shopping in a gift shop, and do not miss an 18th century American dinner.

The Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens along the Anacostia River is where you are educated about the aquatic plants. It is actually a preserved natural marsh area is where you can spot many flowering plants, butterflies, turtles, frogs, and much more. Listed in the Register of Historic Places, it also offers the Kenilworth Park – a picnic spot with well-equipped recreational activities on the Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue. Next, the U.S. National Arboretum on the New York Avenue is an all-time blooming experience packed with several species of trees and other plants, which are cultivated and researched at this superb national outdoor museum. There is also a café and gift shop for refreshments.

After this, we headed towards the Northwest quadrant. On the Linnean Avenue, the Hillwood Museum and Gardens offer the largest display of the 18th and 19th century Russian art (not those in Russia), a wonderful exhibit of the 18th century French art, and the azalea and orchid collections of the gardens. Then, on the F Street is the International Spy Museum with interactive exhibits and largest display of artifacts and memorabilia of spies and intelligence on the planet. The National Gallery of Art boasts the America’s brilliant art museum and world wide renowned Sculpture Garden with paintings, sculpture, and graphics since the medieval era.

Know how technology and science help in tackling with crimes at the National Museum of Crime & Punishment between the E and F streets. Further, check for the idols of law enforcement and interactively explore the evil aspects of criminal deeds. There is also a crime scene lab and the filming studios demonstrating the Most Wanted with host John Walsh. On the Connecticut Avenue, the National Zoo is really a cool way to explore the wildlife with the giant pandas Tian Tian and Mei Xiang and several other species. The zoo is regarded as the ideal veterinary hospital and extinct species research station in the nation.

One cannot simply forget the White House on the Pennsylvania Avenue where Visitor Center takes you on a tour of the American history via a museum. A similar exploration can be made of the Woodrow Wilson House on the S Street where Mr. Woodrow Wilson lived after his Presidency term. Discover the art and artifacts of the 1920s here.

Lastly, I visited the Washington Monument – the major landmark that can be seen from anywhere in the city and is also the often visited structure among the Washington D.C. attractions. It was made in honor of George Washington, the ‘Father of His Country’.