Tourist attractions in the Vatican City

Welcome to the smallest nation on the planet! I would say that it is the most special destination to explore. Despite being interestingly nestled in the Rome city, the Vatican City is ruled separately by the pope. This is where you will encounter the entanglement of the art and faith. The art lovers will admire a few leading collections of the planet; which include paintings, sculptures, architecture, and more. This has been possible as the former popes were the patrons of several renowned artists of the Renaissance period. So, you can expect to gaze at the works of Raphael and Michelangelo. The tourist attractions in the Vatican City are therefore a mix of art amidst religious unveils. Check them out!

One of the most visited tourist attractions in the Vatican City is none other than St. Peter’s Basilica that is truly a visual delight. It is one of the reasons as to why the city is on the best destinations on the tourist map. Faith in harmony with the architecture is only here, and no where else. This giant edifice is made over the tomb of St. Peter. It is adorned by the works Bernini, Bramante, Raphel, Michelangelo, and Maderno. This headquarter of the Roman Catholic Church is the largest church on Earth boasting acres of marble and splendid mosaics. The features are varied and many, but the hours to explore them are less. Attractions here are the dome, Bernini’s canopy, Pieta, treasury, grotto, and the statue of St. Peter. Kindly dress up modestly here.

Rome, Vatican city

Rome, Vatican city

The Pieta refers to the Michelangelo’s notable figurine of Mary embracing Jesus as he is detached from the cross. This first chapel in St. Peter’s is the only signed sculpture of Michelangelo whose signature is seen on the ribbon stretching across the chest of Mary.

The grottos accessible downstairs in St. Peter’s hold the tombs of the popes such as of St. Peter’s. Be careful as these steps are not promptly visible – they exist close to the bronze of St. Peter that is to the central nave’s right side. This is certainly the necropolis Vaticana. For this tour, permission is required from the excavations office before many weeks.

The rooftop & dome of the basilica are among the interesting tourist attractions in the Vatican City. Why? They are actually accessible after a hike of 491 steps or via the elevator. Is there any basilica offering these options to be at its dome? At the rooftop, you will spot the figurines of the disciples up-close, a post office, gift shop, and amazing views of Rome. Again from here, you can enjoy the fabulous vistas of the interior of the church as well as the Vatican Gardens.

Second most desired attraction is the oval-shaped St. Peter’s Square of the 17th century. This testifies to the superb art of Bernini that takes you to the St. Peter’s Basilica. The plaza has two crescently-arranged colonnades each of which boasts four rows of columns of Doric style. In the middle, an Egyptian obelisk resides along with two fountains. The most loved activity here is to stand on a circles amidst the obelisk and fountains and then looking down the columns.

Under the square, do take a tour of the Necropoli Precostantiniana, the famous archaeological site. Mostly, only students and professors enter here with a prior permission. Then, be a part of the guided tour or a bus ride in order to explore the beautiful Vatican Gardens for which booking of the tickets before two days needs to be done at the tourist information office at the Square.

The Vatican Palace, the Pope’s home on the right of St. Peter’s Square, is the hub of many tourist attractions. Rather than a palace, it can be called a complex of highlights because of many worth watching edifices – the Sistine Chapel, the Stanze, the Vatican Library, the Garden House or Belvedere, and the Vatican Museum showcasing the leading art works and precious pictures. The Sistine Chapel, although crowded, is worth a visit due to its superb frescoed ceiling by Michelangelo showing more than 300 statues of which the most popular is ‘The Creation of Adam’. The Last Judgment is seen on the west wall as per the Book of Revelations.

The Courtyard of the Pigna is off the Vatican Museum, which is the brainchild of Bramante. Here, you will love to see many probing pieces of sculpture besides a beautiful green lawn. Also, check out for a big pinecone, a left part of a fountain and then look for the colossal head of Octavia. In the middle, modern spherical sculpture is seen, the unusual one by Pomodoro. For the groups, this is the best place for taking photographs.