Planning a Great family fun in Orlando, Florida

Imagine a vacation with theme parks, attractions, museums, and activities beyond your senses. You’ve found it in sunny Orlando, an excellent family vacation spot. The City Beautiful offers more than just the shining face of Mickey Mouse. If you plan your vacation to the area well, your enthusiastic family won’t miss any of the excitement that the city has to offer.

Orlando SeaWworld

Orlando SeaWworld

The history of Orlando dates back to 1838 when the United States Army built Ft. Gatlin to protect settlers from the Indians in the Seminole Wars. The area continued to grow, and in 1875 the Town of Orlando was incorporated and listed as an area serviced by the Postal Service. In 1880 the South Florida Railroad extended the rail transportation to Orlando and the citrus industry grew exponentially. Because of this growth Orlando was able to survive the Great Depression and World Wars.

In the 1940’s the Army established two Air Force bases, as well as three Naval Training Centers here. With the move of the Army, along came what is now known as Martin Marietta. The town was starting to develop a technical economy until Walt Disney visited the area and purchased over 30 acres of land. In 1971 Walt Disney World was opened, creating a whole new industry for Orlando tourism.


Walt Disney World Orlando

Since then Disney has expanded upon their land and brought with them Universal Studios, Anheuser-Busch, and other large corporations as well as people to maintain business and The City Beautiful.