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Niagara Falls Attractions – Countless to Choose

Ah! The great Niagara Falls is the only geographical attraction that I had not seen until now. But, after visiting it, I really felt the wonder of the nature and its beauty. These spectacular falls are once must see in a lifetime. Now, many would question as to why I would go all the way to the States to just these falls? Instead, why should I not choose another U.S. holiday destination? My answer to these rational questions is only one – the Niagara Falls attractions! Yes, besides visiting the Niagara Falls, you are welcomed by many other charms and activities, which make the falls region a perfect holiday halt. Stretching across the Canadian boundary in the New York City, the Niagara Falls attractions are on both the U.S. and Canadian sides. (more…)

Long Island Attractions – All on a Freezing Playground!

Located at the entrance of the New York city, the Long island is not long, but is one of the most alluring islands for children, adult, and senior ones alike. I would say that it is a land of incredible natural attractions surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the East River. Not only this, it is also full of historical beauty. With clear beaches, water parks, museums, and aquariums, zoos, wildlife parks, and much more; the island has truly gained its popularity as one of the major tourist destinations on the planet. (more…)

New York City attractions: Top restaurants

If you are thinking or making a list of worthy New York City attractions, do include some of its top restaurants without which your trip will always remain incomplete. After all, it is New York that is famous among the gourmets! Get ready to savor the delicacies of its world-class restaurants. (more…)