New York City attractions: Top restaurants

If you are thinking or making a list of worthy New York City attractions, do include some of its top restaurants without which your trip will always remain incomplete. After all, it is New York that is famous among the gourmets! Get ready to savor the delicacies of its world-class restaurants.

The gourmets here are always lost in its bewildering cultural maze of local cuisine the nibbles of which offer your taste buds with a unique flavor of a different local or international culture. So, if you are not including some of the best restaurants in your trip to the top New York City attractions, you will really not be satisfied and will miss the hot signature tastes.

There are all kinds of restaurants here: famous-chef ones, those offering ethnic cuisines, fashionable lounges, casual bistros, and tiny kitchens offering all kinds of famous dishes of across the world. It would not be wrong the say that there are tens of thousands of eatery zones where the cost starts $0.99 for a pizza slice to $500 for a sushi plate. For those who are looking for cheap options, there are several delis, DIY meals, street stalls groceries, and bodegas throughout the city. And yes, New York has a lot to offer for the vegetarians from cheap to expensive options.

Brasserie Les Halles

Brasserie Les Halles

Have you ever thought as to why New York is one of those cities that is known for mouth watering cuisines? Well, the logical answer attributes to its few finest chefs as well as Sommeliers who have lifted the world of restaurants in such a way that all the superb recipes are available with the final touch of perfection. No talking much in deep, I will now directly share with you some of the best restaurants of this fine town.

Paradise for the vegetarians and heaven for the rest is the excellence of Per Se managed by the famous Thomas Keller – the master blaster of cookery arts. Since 2004, this perfect, but expensive restaurant is famous for its 9-course meal featuring the most indulging flavors to savor amidst the perfect ambiance. It will surely make you recall the French flavor!

Regarded among the five Manhattan eateries to receive the honor of four stars from The New York Times, Daniel is for those who have their better half. Run by the French Chef Daniel Boulud, your lady of dreams will surely be delighted to savor the mouth-watering French cuisine amidst the elegant ambiance. The only thing that you need to do is to reserve at least before a month.

If you are an Indian or love Indian food, the Devi is a sub continental Indian treat that serves spicy gravies along with some most beloved Indian flavors. Vegetarians, this one is for all of you! Experience the meaning of ‘out of the world’ at the Top of the Tower at this Beekman Tower Hotel. Nestled on the 26th storey, you not only savor the epicurean delights, but also enjoy the great sights of Manhattan.

Mesa Coyoacan is the most inexpensive restaurant for all the Mexican buffs. In addition, it is meant to serve the health conscious visitors by serving strictly the dishes made with the organic products only. Nothing is as healthy as the cuisine here! If you do not believe, go and see for yourself!

Lula’s Sweet Apothecary is the best bet for the vegans. You can expect everything here – home-made delicious ice creams, dairy food, sundae, creams, and much more for the lunch and dinner. Other options for the vegans are Blossom, Buddha Bodai, Josie’s Restaurant, Buttermilk Channel, and Ayurveda Café that aim at encouraging the vegan lifestyle.

If sushi is your choice, then a visit to Sushi Yasuda – a Japanese food restaurant is a must. This is the best place to have a perfect sushi amidst the unlike interior than the other standard restaurants here.

So, this time when you plan a trip to New York, do ensure that your list of New York City attractions does also include these eateries for full satisfaction of all the senses!