12 Reasons to Visit Sydney

Australia is a vast country, known for its unique wildlife, sprawling cities, stunning beaches, and its people’s love for sports. Sydney, capital of New South Wales, is one of the biggest cities in Australia and offers beautiful sights, serving as a truly awesome tourist destination.

Certainly, Sydney is one of the best places to spend your vacation or even move to if you have plans of relocating to a foreign city. If you’re yet to finalise your travel plans or are having doubts about your chosen holiday destination, here are 12 reasons to choose Sydney:

  • Sydney Has the Best Coffee

It’s common knowledge that Australia is home to the Flat White. In fact, Sydney has the best café offerings in Australia – with only Melbourne coming close. If you’re a coffee lover, then Sydney is the perfect place for you, with most local coffee shops brewing their own coffee. If you love Italian coffee, there are brands such as Lavazza, Vittoria and Segafredo Zanetti, which are very popular, thanks to early Italian influences. Sydney’s coffee culture is certainly unique.

  • Amazing Fireworks Display

Sydney boasts the best fireworks display in the world. Sydney Harbour’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are always remarkable and the envy of other big cities worldwide. With a different theme each year, you’ll never tire of this extravaganza. This is a great way to start any new year, as the fireworks are sure to lift your spirits, so celebrate your New Year’s Eve in Sydney.

  • Free Healthcare

Australia has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) with numerous countries that makes it possible for visitors to receive free basic medical treatment. If you have an accident or emergency whilst in Sydney, you should be able to access free treatment. Countries covered by RHCA include United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Malta, and Finland, amongst others. However, the Medicare system that grants free healthcare to Australians covers some permanent residents as well. So, you should be covered if you’re moving to Sydney.

  • Sydney’s love for Sports

Sydney is a major international sports hub. From hosting the summer Olympics in the year 2000 to Rugby League and regular Cricket tournaments, Sydney can lay claim to a great sporting culture that’s second to none. The weather and outdoor lifestyle are perfectly conducive for sports too. Therefore, if you’re a lover of sports, then you will fall surely in love with Sydney.

  • Awesome Local Markets

Sydney’s local markets offer an extensive range of produce – from food to vintage fashion and handmade crafts. Sydney is blessed with many local markets such as Carriageworks Farmers Market, Bondi Farmers Markets, The Rocks Markets, Glebe Markets and Rozelle Collectors Market. Notably, Sydney Fish Market is the largest fish market in the southern hemisphere. Farmer’s produce and general food items in Sydney are considered amongst the best in the world.

  • Awesome Beaches and Ocean Views

With most Australians living along the country’s vast coastline, it’s not a surprise that spending time at the beach is a favourite Australian pastime. Sydney is home to nearly 100 beaches, with Bondi being Australia’s most famous. Nearby Coogee has calm surf and is also family friendly.

  • Diverse Communities

Sydney is one of the most diverse cities in the world. With many visitors trooping in yearly, it’s no surprise that it is home to so many communities. The city is cosmopolitan and accepting of all, including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the LGBTQI community, amongst others. The annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade is one of the biggest events in Sydney and recognised the world over. Suffice to say, Sydney is one of the best places in which to enjoy alternative lifestyles.

  • Sydney is Green

Sydney has many green spaces and parks, with around 29000 trees of more than 120 species, which provides more shade and gives the city its picturesque views. In fact, Sydney is sometimes referred to as the City of Trees. It is also heavily reliant on Sustainable Energy, with nearly everything in Sydney being recycled.

  • City of Big Bridges

Sydney has numerous world famous big bridges, which are popular tourist sites in their own right and give the city its wonderful night-time views. Sydney Harbour Bridge, weighing nearly 53,000 tonnes, is the world’s largest steel and widest long-span bridge. It also plays host to Sydney’s popular New Year’s Eve celebrations. Meanwhile, Gladesville Bridge was once the world’s biggest Concrete Arch. ANZAC Bridge is a popular landmark in Sydney and the country’s biggest suspension bridge. Other bridges include Captain Cook, Iron Cove, and The Spit.

  • Music, Arts and Culture at their best

Home to the world’s most famous opera house, Sydney has a lot to offer the music and arts scene. From the awesome Sydney festival to the brilliant light displays of Vivid Sydney, the city has an envious cultural calendar and vibrant arts scene. The Opera House offers a wide range of performances, ranging from contemporary dance and ballet to international concerts.

  • Welcoming Citizens

Sydney’s inhabitants and Australians generally are known to always have a positive outlook on life. They are rarely fazed about things which are seen as being out of their control and are also very warm and welcoming. In Sydney, everyone loves you – or at least pretends to!

  • Tourist Destinations

Sydney has a lot of beautiful sights to explore, with most being accessible by public transport, making it cheaper to enjoy such activities. For instance, you could choose to visit Watsons Bay, The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Kings Cross, Sydney Tower, Blue Mountains and Taronga Zoo. There are also numerous day-trips and weekend getaways to take advantage of as well.

Impressively, Sydney was voted the fifth best city on the planet by over 90,000 Telegraph readers, while The Economist Intelligence also ranks it at number five amongst the most liveable cities worldwide. Have you made up your mind about your next travel destination yet? Make Sydney your number one choice!

(Picture: ©Pixabay)