Tourist attractions in Malta

The archipelago of Malta is the heart of the Mediterranean, which is comprised of the Gozo, Malta, Comino, Filfla, and Comminotto islands. Considered as the tactical base of navigation, Malta is the largest one here accessible after covering a distance of 58 miles from Sicily in Italy. Besides Malta; only Gozo and Comino are populated all of which holds great sceneries of low hills, terraced fields, bays, beaches, creeks, and harbors. So, there is lot of tourist attractions in Malta for the water and natural lovers. However, at the same time, the history fans are not at all disappointed. The mere fact that Malta has its story right since the 3rd century B.C arouses a lot of interest. These folks can explore the magical megalithic temples, the footsteps of St Paul, ancient walled fortresses, baroque churches, and the above all, the site where Christendom was defended by the Knights of St John.

Valletta is the hub of the tourist attractions in Malta. Take a tour of the Co-Cathedral of St John, marvelous Maltese-style baroque architecture that adorn the sides of the Merchants Street, and the Grand Master’s Palace decorated by the tapestries built by Louis XIV as well as by the spectacular items of armory. Besides these, do also visit its interesting museums namely, the National Museum of Fine Art that is housed in a palace of 18th century, the National Museum of Archaeology at the Auberge de Provence, and the Church of Our Lady of Victories. Lastly, do visit the Manoel Theatre here that is among the second most ancient theatre in Europe. Between October and May, the entertainment programs dedicated to music, opera, ballet, and theatre are held here.

Paradise Bay Malta

Paradise Bay Malta

One of the most interesting tourist attractions in Malta is the Mdina city surrounded by a wall. In this ancient town, take an opportunity to explore the ancient fortress regarded as one of the wonders of the ancient times as well as the Palazzo Falzon that itself is interesting to discover. For some breathtaking views of the city, take yourself to the Bastion Square from where the vistas of the St Paul’s Bay along with its enclosing area are the best.

One more exciting place on Malta tourism is Rabat that is known among the tourists for the Roman Villa, magnificent baroque churches, and St Paul’s and St Agatha’s tombs. Now, head to the Blue Grotto, one of the top in Malta attractions, which is a legendary area of the sirens that once scared the sea folks via songs. Today, the highlights here are the four caves that are naturally embellished with corals as well as minerals along with a calm sea – all ensuring a truly unforgettable experience preferably in the early morning.

For those who are the great fans of the Greek mythology and archaeological sites, do not forget to discover the ruins close to Paola – Tarxien where a Neolithic temple still stands; Hypogeum as a compound of three stages holding several underground funeral chambers dating back to 3,000 years; and Ghar Dalam also called the Dark Cave where the remains of birds and animals are now getting vanished. Hagar Qim in the south of Malta is proud to hold a Neolithic temple that was made in 3000 B.C by using huge stones that were attached closely and by decorating it with an elaborate pattern. One more historical area is Marsaxlokk known for its recently excavated Temple of Juno. As per the Greek mythology, this shrine is dedicated to the Goddess of Fertility.

I could also visit the smallest island here that is Comino Island. This is where you will love to soak in small bays like the St. Marija Caves and Blue Lagoon where you can expect cave diving. One more highlight here is to amble along the meandering paths that heads from the unusual rock formations. Certainly amazing!

Coming to the holiday beaches, the most suggested ones adorn the north coast and are situated at the Golden Bay, Paradise Bay, Armier Bay, Mellieha Bay, and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. Also, Il-Qawra is worth a visit due to its secluded water pool that holds translucent and unspoiled waters along with the steep cliffs. One more famous beach is Ir-Ramla il-Wamra, which too is clear and immaculate.