The archipelago of Malta is the heart of the Mediterranean, which is comprised of the Gozo, Malta, Comino, Filfla, and Comminotto islands. Considered as the tactical base of navigation, Malta is the largest one here accessible after covering a distance of 58 miles from Sicily in Italy. Besides Malta; only Gozo and Comino are populated all of which holds great sceneries of low hills, terraced fields, bays, beaches, creeks, and harbors. So, there is lot of tourist attractions in Malta for the water and natural lovers. However, at the same time, the history fans are not at all disappointed. The mere fact that Malta has its story right since the 3rd century B.C arouses a lot of interest. These folks can explore the magical megalithic temples, the footsteps of St Paul, ancient walled fortresses, baroque churches, and the above all, the site where Christendom was defended by the Knights of St John. (more…)