What To Visit in Venice in 24 Hours

If you have 24 hours to visit Venice, you have to be aware that it’s impossible to discover all the wonders that this treasure trove has to offer. That’s why you need a great plan, which will guide during your trip.


Did you know that Napoleon used to call this place the “Finest dining room of Europe”? Also called Saint Mark’s square, this area will indulge you in its splendor, especially early in the morning when most of the tourists are still sleeping. The magnificence of the Basilica di San Marco will be a delight for your eyes and the beauty of the Palazzo Ducale, roughly translated as Doge’s Palace, will make you believe that you are on a different planet.

Piazza San Marco in Venice

Piazza San Marco in Venice


It’s time to drink the best coffee in Venice so enter into the Torrefazione Cannaregio, one of the best coffee shops you can find in the entire city. Being located near the railway station, this place offers you the different kinds of coffees, prepared carefully by the Venice residents.

I recommend you to try the Remmer Blend, a type of coffee that you won’t find elsewhere in the world because it’s a secret recipe!

Bridge Rialto

Bridge Rialto


Being one of the most original bookshops in the world, this place definitely worth a visit. It can be found in Sestiere Castello and it’s entire space is filled with different kind of books. Even if you prefer vintage or new books, romance novels or poems, you can find plenty literary works that will meet your taste.

Even if you’re not an avid reader, don’t forget your glasses home! Libreria Acqua Alta has a special charm so you’ll become interested in literature in just a second!


In the District of Cannaregio, in the 16th century, it was built Il Ghetto (The Ghetto), which now is the home of Jewish Community of Venice. Filled with history and amazing buildings, this place is a must if you want to go back home feeling like you haven’t missed anything!

Don’t forget to also visit the Museo Communita Ebraic, a small but interesting museum located just on the opposite side of Il Ghetto.

In order to have time to make all these things during your 24-hour trip to Venice, it’s very important to find the best method to get in the city after your plane lands. I know that losing time at the airport is not on your to-do list so I come up with a solution: Venice airport taxis. With affordable prices and high-quality services, your journey to the Venice City Hotels or the Cruise Port will be short and amazing at the same time. Make a booking and your professional driver will meet you at the airport!