The Lutheran Cathedral in Helsinki, Finland

The Helsinki Cathedral (Helsingin tuomiokirkko in Finnish) had its 200th anniversary in 2002. Located on a hill that can be viewed from most southeastern parts of the Helsinki city centre, this beautiful neoclassical style white cathedral with a green dome is an essential part of the silhouettes of Helsinki.

Lutheran Cathedral in Helsinki Finland

The cathedral was built in 1830–1852 in a place that was previously occupied by a smaller chuch called the Church of Ulrika Eleonora. Being built as a tribute to the Tzar of Russia, Grand Duke, Nicholas I, the cathedral was called St. Nicholas’ Church until Finland gained independence in 1917.

The cathedral is among the most popular tourist attractions in the city. More than 350.000 people visit the church annually. The cathedral is in regular use both in Worship services and as in weddings and other special events. It has a capacity of 1300 seats.