Gamla Stan – The Old Town in Stockholm, Sweden

Gamla Stan (meaning “the Old Town”) has a feel of history with it. Dating back to the 1200s, it is the historical center and captivating place that is worth visiting while in Stockholm. The Royal Palace and the Swedish parliament are located in the northern part of Gamla Stan. The Stock Exchange Building is also located in the Old Town.

Visitors will also see plenty of antique shops and old buildings while going through the narrow cobble-stone streets. There are also some very good hotels in Gamla Stan.

 Stockholm old town, Munkbron square, Stadsholmen island

While many of the streets of Stockholm were straightened and made more wide during the 18th and 19th centuries, in Gamla Stan they remain as narrow and contain as many curves as they originally did. But this only adds to the unique feel of the history of the place.