Artis – The Oldest Zoo in the Netherlands

Natura Artis Magistra or simply known as Artis is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands and is located in the center of Amsterdam. It was founded in the year 1838. Apart from the zoo there can be seen a planetarium, a geological museum and zoological museum too in Artis.

You would see two golden eagles perched on the main entrance of the zoo. This main entrance was construcred in the 1854. Artis is described as a haven of peace. Though there are three gates to the zoo only one is open to the public.  It as here that the last ever quagga was held captive before it died in 1883. Artis has an area of 14 hectares and around 700 species of animals are housed here. Among the species seen are Amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, insects and renowned fish. This zoo is certainly a place to se in Amsterdam.

Artis zoo

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