Travel Around the World at Low Cost

Ask whoever you want: “Do you want to travel around the world?”, and the answer will be:”Of course I do!”. “Why don’t you do it then?” – “Are you kidding me?”… So, why people treat travelling the world like travelling to Mars? The main reason is budget of course. Stop being one who dreams – start being one who does! Below are some easy tips on how to travel around the world on limited budget.

Chose Cheap Transportation To Travel Around the World

The first thing to spare a pile of dough on when you travel around the world is a ticket. Nowadays there are a lot of so-called budget airlines that offer return tickets for domestic flights for literally several tens of bucks! These companies economize on everything: fuel, parking, antifreeze, service, staff, and aircraft itself. Thus, they won’t offer you tea, coffee and champagne, as well as warm cozy blanket. Plus, there is no division into classes and all the seats are the same. Such airlines will become a real savior if you want to travel around the world, because as a rule tickets are the lion’s share of total expenses.

Bodensee, port of Lindau island

Bodensee, port of Lindau island

If you travel around the world, Europe is an inalienable part of your trip. You can ease the financial burden of Euro tour by travelling by train or bus. You can buy travel-pass and ride from town to town for cheap. There are two types of travel-passes: domestic and international. You can either book them from your home (it’s cheaper) or buy right there. Using travel-passes you can travel around the world cheap and enjoy the landscapes.

Where to Live When Travel Around the World?

Housing is the next important point to dwell upon while planning your travel around the world. Hotels are very expensive, and many folks opt for hostels. Hostelling is a great way to save money and meet new people. The cost of housing may vary from country to country. Thus, one night in European hostel will cost you about $30-35, and $20 in most other countries. You can learn more about hostels online: compare prices and choose ones close to the airport or bus terminal. You can also plan the routes using Google maps. Print these maps and public transport routes and schedules and take them with you alongside with world travel guides. Such extreme methods as couch surfing and hitchhiking are highly not recommended! It might seem like a lot of fun, but in fact can be very dangerous and exhausting. Your aim is to travel around the world, not to get into trouble.

Skiatos Island

Skiatos Island

Travel Around the World And Have Fun!

The best idea to travel around the world is to take a good company. A friend or a even a couple of your favorite allies will not only entertain you but also share costs of travelling and housing with you, especially speaking about top travel destinations. Besides, it’s dangerous to travel around the world all alone.

Try to spend money reasonably when travel around the world and don’t buy everything you see. Everything looks so fancy abroad, but still, there are a lot of things you can easily manage without. There’s no need to break the bank – just use these easy tips when travel around the world.

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