What to do in Dubai – Must See Attractions in Dubai

If you ever have a chance to visit the middle east, Dubai must be a stop on your travel itinerary. The city, located in the United Arab Emirates, has been able to build an entire tourist industry out of their entertainment value alone. It is definitely not a place a traveler should pass up visiting. Due to high levels of diversity, there is something to appreciate for all economic classes. Visitors will really get a taste of the area by experiencing the five star restaurants.

Some great ones are the Grosvenor House Hotel, Hilton Dubai Creek, and Noble House. They all make great choices for anyone looking for the occasional fancy fare. For a cheaper venue, the Al Dhiyafah Road is recommended for those who are anxious to feel like a local. This street houses cheap food from Lebanon, Iran, and the Indian subcontinent. Sidra, Pars Iranian Kitchen, and Ravi Restaurant are the most recommended for visitors who are pinching their pennies. Be sure to get in a champagne brunch at your hotel, where the champagne is more than plentiful!

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Besides its fabulous restaurants, visitors must see the Bastakia Quarter, which houses Middle Eastern art and scenic tours you can take by water taxi. Take a stop to the popular public beach, Al Mamzar. There are also many other beaches to choose from, many on hotel property. The most obvious part of Dubai’s entertainment is the desert! Go four-wheeling in a Jeep, attend a BBQ, get a henna tattoo, take a hot air balloon ride or helicopter tour in Dubai, otherwise see belly dancers, and meet a whole lot of tourists, all at the desert! For someone seeking some relaxation, the famous golf courses in Dubai are a must-see. The Emirates Golf club is recommended, and you just might run into a celebrity or two! Before you leave, do not forget to visit the Gold Souk, which offers quality gold at unbelievable prices. Beware of any street vendors offering to sell you the same gold for less!

Go to just a few of these places and the trip will be one to remember for a lifetime!