Tokyo Sightseeing Guide

Tokyo, Japan’s capital city, is much more than the political headquarters, but is a hub for culture, entertainment, science, finance, business, art and a whole lot more. The city is a delightful mix of the old and new, centuries old temples and sky scrapers stand side by side here. The advance of cutting edge technology and science, as well as the influence of modern culture has not caused the city to lose its integrity with respect to its age old culture. Tokyo city is one rewarding destination, filled to the brim with a range of attractions related to history, art and culture, along with some pulsating nightlife, entertainment and dining. Tokyo sightseeing takes you through a wealth of glimpses into the city’s culture and day to day workings, the color and vibrancy of the city.


Tokyo Sightseeing Getting to Tokyo . . .

Tokyo is accessible by air from the Narita Airport, which is one the crucial getaways to the city for travelers and business travelers. The Ariake ferry terminal and other ferries and boats of its kind can also be utilized to reach Tokyo, from Odaiba in Tokyo Bay. The Takeshiba and the Harumi Terminal are other options, and you can get to Tokyo via boat.

Tokyo Sightseeing – Getting around in Tokyo . . .

Tokyo is well connected by various public transport routes, and it is easy and inexpensive traveling around the city. There are bus services such as the Miller Express and the JR Bus Group which have stops all over the city. The subway and trains are also convenient and easy to use, with a good network all over Tokyo. The train public announcements are made in English in trains and train stations so that English speaking travelers will have no problem in getting around. There are other means as well, of getting around the city, such as cars, taxis, bicycles and ferry services.


Tokyo Sightseeing – What to eat in Tokyo . . .

With respect to dining, there is a multitude of options available in Tokyo for dining. The city has an almost overwhelming reputation for being a terribly expensive city, but there are certainly a good number of options for even shoe string budget travelers. There are convenience stores and basement sections of department stores have a good variety of packaged and tinned food at affordable prices. If your budget is more substantial, you can try the various restaurants, and have sushi at Tsukiji, if you have the money.