All You Need To Know About Renting Accommodation on Koh Samui

One of the most beautiful and tranquil holiday destinations currently in existence is the island of Koh Samui. Located in Thailand, this tropical destination presents with lush green coconut groves, miles of white sand beaches, and crystal clear azure waters. Due to the popularity of this destination the rental options have both increased and decreased. While one has the option of more accommodation, the accommodation has become more costly. The majority of individuals who visit Koh Samui are able to pay these expenses; however, individuals operating on a budget may find themselves in hostels with confined rooms and crowded swimming pools. This article will provide some information on renting properties in Koh Samui, as well as providing some handy advice.


Renting A Villa on Koh Samui

Unlike hotels and hostels, a villa provides one with space and privacy required for a relaxing holiday. Of course, the rental amount for a villa can be more expensive; however, the overall cost is lower. By staying in a hotel one would have to pay the room rate in addition to food and entertainment expenses. By renting a villa one can reduce the food bill by filling the fridge with products upon arrival; furthermore, one can entertain individuals at the villa instead of having to pay for outside entertainment. It should be noted that hotels and hostels have regulations that must be adhered to; however, a private villa removes these regulations allowing the music to be turned up to full volume.

The Villas Available

Villas on Koh Samui have been created to suit all personal needs and tastes. Of course, better service will be provided for the more expensive options but this does not mean the cheaper villas are not worth a look. The least expensive villas include two bedroom homes with private gardens and pools. The middle range option presents with a three or four bedroom property with luxurious interiors and a sea view. The most expensive option presents with a fully staffed five or six bedroom with either a hilltop sea view or placed on the beach. The rental rates across the spectrum ranges from approximately $200 – $4,000 per night.

The Best Location

While this type of accommodation can be located across the island of Koh Samui, there are particular areas which are more beautiful than others. When seeking out a villa one should consider just outside of the city Chaweng. This location presents with high levels of green foliage with a scenic sea view.