Necochea Beach Pleasures and Travel Attractions

Come and bask in the pleasures of the Nechochea beach resort, which is a one stop beach destination in this part of the Southern Pampas region where the entire of Buenos Aires comes and enjoys this getaway experience. All tourists coming to this part of the world enjoy the lovely ambience and the serene surroundings in this part of the world and enjoy this experience of being in this beach paradise.

The beech is so crowded that one can hardly move, but there is a kind of surreal feeling here that sets all inconveniences apart. A very interesting experience this is the place where you would get to see the most recent bikini fashion, as you see everyone vying with each other to get the right place to bask.

Necochea Beach

This place Necochea is for those people who want to get something out of the ordinary. So get to see the best activities even in the wee hours in the square. Many shows are on and the crowd surely loves to enjoy each and every one of them after enjoying the beach pleasures. Then of course you have a lot of shops to shop in, and it is an ultimate experience for all those who come in search of a lovely and memorable beach holiday.

Necochea has got a lot of bars and restaurants so for all those who want to unwind with the best of cuisine, Necochea has got it. There are good hotels like the “El Quijote” where you get a good deal for around 66 Pesos per night. You get breakfast which would be 3 croissants and a coffee, there is the facility of having your bed made and towels changed,and room cleaned.

El Quijote hotel

Also go to the nearby Quequen which is another beautiful town that tourists coming to Necochea visit. Surf here to your heart’s content and enjoy the pleasures of being in this watery paradise. There are surfing lessons available in case you do not know to surf. Whatever the condition, it is a sure deal that you would enjoy here. The big waves get messy sometimes as the wind is quite strong here,so many times surfers find it difficult here, but if you are a true sportsman, then all this will not affect you at all and you would certainly know how to balance between natural disturbances and watery pleasures.

The beach at Quequen is less crowded, than Necochea so many tourists opt to come here. The crowd which likes surfing comes here mostly and there is a hotel called Jamming which is where people normally stay if they want to enjoy the pleasures of this surfing destination.

There is something very special about Necochea and that is the basic feeling of being in a different land of tourism. So smalltime happiness like a picnic at the nearby Las Grutas is another add on in the travel attractions here. Las Grutas is a beach lying further south and here you would certainly love to see the caves and other interesting terrain here. There are sand dunes here some of them as tall as 110 metres tall.

Las Grutas

Necochea is also a destination where people go to Miramar beach through windsurfing. With the lovely blue sea beckoning the tourist against the background of the shimmering sandy locale, this is a great experience for any beach lover. Get ensconced in the lovely province of Rio Negro nearby which is also a great place to be in, if you visit Necochea.

How to reach

Necochea is accessed by air from the Buenos Aires Airport. Also trains and buses from Buenos Aires take you to Necochea.

This is the furthest beach resort in this part of Argentina and a very popular one at that.

Necochea with its scenic pleasures and lovely attractions proves to be a great tourist destination in this part of the South American continent.