Kodaikanal – A top Indian Honeymoon destination

Kodaikanal is incomparably situated on the Upper Palani Hills in Tamil Nadu in Southern India. It is a hill station that simply abounds in charms. There are a huge number of excellent attractions such as sweeping views of the green-blue Vegai Plain, bungalows left over from the British Raj, beautiful gardens and a heavenly climate.

It is also famous as a destination for hang gliders and para gliders. The altitude here is more than two thousand m.

A honeymoon here is one of the best experiences, and can provide a great time for both couples.

Kodaikanal also has a huge number of hotels and resorts that have come up so as to meet the increasing demand from tourists for quality accommodation. There are many resorts that have a good reputation for service and luxury. There are a huge number of excellent packages that are aimed at honeymooners and couples on a holiday. There are many excellent hotels such as the Garden Manor, Hill Top Towers, Lake View, Paradise Inn, Valley View Resort, Carlton Hotel and more. There are a good number of resorts and hotels besides these.

There are a number of options that are even more luxurious than these, such as the Kodai Resort, Sterling Resort Kodai Lakeview, Kodai Resort and more. There are a huge number of excellent facilities and amenities provided here.

There are numerous orchards filled with plums, oranges and other fruits. The Berijam Lake is one of the most exquisite lakes in entire Tamil Nadu, and extends over an area of 24 hectares.

Tamil Nadu is filled with a varied culture and a huge number of attractions. There are famous natural attractions in the vicinity of Kodaikanal such as Dolmen Circle, Pambar Falls, Silver Cascada, Lutheran Church, Bear Shola Falls, Chettiyar Park, Berijam Lake, Thalaiyar Falls, Bryant Park and Kodai Lake.

The hill-plantain fruits and plums are known for their freshness and taste. Berijam lake, one among the beautiful lakes of South India, spreads over an area of 24 hectares.

To access Kodaikanal, roadways are the best option, as these are well developed in the state. Take this list as a means for guidance regarding the distance from Kodaikanal from the major tourist locations and cities in Southern India.

Madurai – 82 km
Periyar – 119 k m
Thekkady – 147 k m
Trichy – 160 k m
Coimbatore – 170 k m
Cochin – 221 k m
Ooty – 236 k m