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Ohio Tourist Attractions – Simply Soaking!

Located in the mid of Midwest, Ohio is proud to be the birthplace of eight US presidents. Apart from this interesting history, Ohio is famous for its varied landscape ensuring a good array of natural attractions right from the sandy shores of Lake Erie in the north and waterfalls and cliffs in the south. Oh yes! The popular city of Columbus is its capital and that it is the choice of many tourists from all over the world for holidays. (more…)

Sandusky Ohio attractions for family fun at Cedar Point Amusement Park

Welcome to the home of the Cedar Point Amusement Park! Yes, this is certainly one of the top Sandusky Ohio attractions. Nestled in northwest Ohio on the north coast of Lake Erie, Sandusky is among the state’s cutest and cleanest towns. For peace lovers, just strolling along the business district’s waterfront is not only safer as compared to the other cities, but is also very soaking; while for the activity enthusiasts, there are opportunities of camping as well as golfing. Among the remaining Sandusky Ohio attractions, you can expect museums, shopping, cruising, boating, water parks, spelunking, and more. (more…)