Tourist attractions in Ukraine

Welcome to the wheat granary of the world! Although it’s the main reason for Ukraine’s popularity on the tourist circuit, it’s not the only cause of attraction. Considered as one of the largest and diverse European nations, Ukraine is certainly the pick of anybody who loves varieties in all facets of life. Both nature and history has resided here uniquely pulling an increasing amount of tourists every year. Surrounded by the grand Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea, Ukraine surely offers a lot of sights and activities to get indulge with. Therefore, the main problem is to select the different tourist attractions in Ukraine, which is not a child’s play at all. To solve this issue, this article aims at introducing to you some of the must see sights.

Kyiv, the beautiful capital, is the historic land from where in the past the Russian civilization flourished and the Orthodox belief became extremely widespread throughout the Eastern Europe. So, this city visit is a must for all the history lovers. Start with the brilliant Golden Gate that is the last surviving remains of the 10th century walls whose only aim was to protect the now called capital. Then, explore the religious heritage at the Caves Monastery that is a legendary institution of the early Orthodox. Excitingly, you need to do so with the help of a burning candle, as the Orthodox church remnants are situated in the maze of murky tombs. One more interesting religious trip is to St. Sofia Cathedral that is an 11th century structure offering wonderful frescoes as well as icons amidst the eye-captivating floors.



Take a tour of the cultural sights in the capital, which will include Kyiv’s Opera House, Historical Museum of Ukraine, and the Museum of Ukrainian Art housing the arts of the regional artists right since the 16th century until today. From the capital, you can easily take a tour of Chernobyl, the town in history that witnessed the cruelest nuclear disaster. Just a one day trip is safe. Ideally, go for it with the help of a guide.

Kyiv Days Celebrations refer to a series of non-stop unique events that occur in the last weekend of May. The main attractions are its stunning fireworks and the outstanding performances of the musicians and actors. If you want to have some swimming fun in summer, head off to the Dnieper River in Kyiv where in winter you can ascend on ice. You can even choose to be a part of the Orthodox Epiphany wherein you will be splashed with icy water during the merriment.

Lviv, an open-air museum, is a striking town of mind blowing architectural gems. First, checkout its Old Town that is a World Heritage site and is easily explorable just by ambling on the Market Square. Just admiring there the gothic, Renaissance, baroque, and rococo structures will make your day. If you like opera or theatrical performances, book your seat at the Ivan Franko Opera House, an architectural marvel in itself besides the venue of the best performances in the nation. This opulent building is among the ideal theatres in the American continent.

Do not forget to include a trip to Kamyanets-Podilsky that is rightly said to be ‘a stone flower on the rock’. This medieval wonder is actually a Western Ukrainian city perched on a heavily projected rock. Only this feature of it has successfully mesmerized several visitors since centuries.

The Catacombs of Sevastopol are just charming even though they are the burial sites on the Black Sea. In the past, it was surprisingly used as secret nautical headquarters. Okay, now that you are on the coast, take up the exciting opportunity to discover the underground submarine base. It is the adventure most liked by the tourists and so is one of the awaited tourist attractions in Ukraine.

Yalta is just the most insisted site to visit because of its great legend making it among the top tourist attractions in Ukraine. Called he ‘Pearl of the Crimea’, it is the home of the Livadia Palace where Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill met in 1945 for designing the layout of Europe. Isn’t that exciting?

Skiing and Snowboarding in the Carpathian Mountains stretching in the west is among the most thrilling tourist attractions in Ukraine. Some of the leading ski resorts are Slavsko, Bukovel, Tysovets, and Drahobrat. While Bukovel is popular for its intercontinental norm not to be seen anywhere else in the nation, Drahobrat is the home to the most reliable snow.