The Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps tower at a height of over 4,000m and is visited by tourists from across the world.  It is a favorite spot for the moutaineers and skiing enthusiasts who revel at the sight of snow-capped peaks and icy glaciers.

Swiss Alps

Breath-taking spires and rocky crags can be seen in the Swiss Alps.  Lakes laden with fresh water and edged by coniferous trees and thick pine forests offer visual beauty to the naked eye.  Sandy and soft banks invite tourists to take a swim in the mountain lakes.  Streams of water rush through steep mountain peaks and the sound that emanates from the flow of water is gorgeous.  There are holiday inns seen across the path where tourists can stay.

Lac des Dix

The Swiss Alps have some of the best peaks of the world including the Matterhorn.  All in all it is the spectacular scenery at the Swiss Alps that captivates the hearts of the tourists.