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Atlanta Tourist Attractions – Really Unique!

For many of us, Atlanta is regarded as a business town. Nevertheless, the city is in no means a barren destination for the tourists. Yeah! I agree that there are no beaches to relax and no gothic cathedrals to meditate. However, there are attractive museums, parks, aquariums, zoos, and historic sites; it promises for a memorable holiday destination. Atlanta is an ideal destination for art and history lovers. I am about to share with you the Atlanta tourist attractions that I visited. Continue reading “Atlanta Tourist Attractions – Really Unique!” »

Chicago Tourist Attractions – Arts + Nature + Architecture

Known as the Windy City, Chicago has unfolded many of its secrets via its bountiful draws. The Chicago tourist attractions are many in numbers, but some just await your special attention with their alluring features. Sadly, with not enough time, I and my family could visit only some few most visited sites. This makes me realize that one time visit, if short, say six days or so, is not enough to explore the entire city. Now, can you imagine the number of attractions Chicago has to give you a perfect holiday deal? So, next time, I will ensure that I cover all the remaining ones too. Continue reading “Chicago Tourist Attractions – Arts + Nature + Architecture” »

Honolulu Attractions – The Most Awaited Tourist City in Hawaii

Honolulu is the largest and most lively city that is full of tourist sights, activities, and attractions with some mix of culture and history. Do you remember the Pearl Harbor? It is certainly here and is now the most famous tourist historic site. The world wide renowned Waikiki Beach is always ready to make you feel relax along with a couple of other beaches. In fact, the Honolulu attractions introduce you to the present blooming state of the region and they are so famous that visitors come from across the globe to Hawaii only for them. Continue reading “Honolulu Attractions – The Most Awaited Tourist City in Hawaii” »

Indianapolis Tourist Attractions – Must See Once

Many people ask me why one would visit Indianapolis in the US, while there are many other fun-packed superior destinations in the continent. I was actually excited to visit Indianapolis and so I tell these people that I agree to what you say, but Indianapolis is in no way a less offering destination of attractions. So, I don’t mind if there are no fun or theme parks, which make other U.S. destinations famous for the visitors. Continue reading “Indianapolis Tourist Attractions – Must See Once” »

Virginia Beach Attractions – The Memorable Experience of 3 Million Tourists!

Yes! The statistical number in my title is no ordinary figure. As so many people have to be right in their way, the number itself tells you about the glory of Virginia Beach as a tourist destination. This outstanding region offers an unbelievable waterfront walkway, miles of wonderful sandy beaches, exhilarating amusement parks, interesting science centre, all cuisine restaurants, posh resorts, and shops of every budget. Not only this, this is land of several sports such as East Coast Surfing Championships, the North American Sand Soccer Championship, and the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. If this not enough, check out the ride of a virtual space shuttle or explore an amphitheatre. Continue reading “Virginia Beach Attractions – The Memorable Experience of 3 Million Tourists!” »

Long Island Attractions – All on a Freezing Playground!

Located at the entrance of the New York city, the Long island is not long, but is one of the most alluring islands for children, adult, and senior ones alike. I would say that it is a land of incredible natural attractions surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the East River. Not only this, it is also full of historical beauty. With clear beaches, water parks, museums, and aquariums, zoos, wildlife parks, and much more; the island has truly gained its popularity as one of the major tourist destinations on the planet. Continue reading “Long Island Attractions – All on a Freezing Playground!” »

Baltimore Attractions – Hope Fun, Take Home Memories

A fun-packed family experience for lifetime rather than mere a holiday destination is what I would describe a tour of the Baltimore city. Yes, this quite true as it is my own memories that have encouraged me to state this! A city that has proved its ability to attract more than 10 million visitors of all ages annually really deserves a visit! Most of the major Baltimore attractions are around its most appealing gem, the Inner Harbor that is a picturesque waterfront. Continue reading “Baltimore Attractions – Hope Fun, Take Home Memories” »