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Flights to Hawaii

The sole purpose of going for a vacation is to have some peace of mind and enjoy time on your own or with your family. If this is the case, consider starting off your trip, on the right foot. There are some people who have made it a habit to book last minute flights to Hawaii. (more…)

Honolulu Attractions – The Most Awaited Tourist City in Hawaii

Honolulu is the largest and most lively city that is full of tourist sights, activities, and attractions with some mix of culture and history. Do you remember the Pearl Harbor? It is certainly here and is now the most famous tourist historic site. The world wide renowned Waikiki Beach is always ready to make you feel relax along with a couple of other beaches. In fact, the Honolulu attractions introduce you to the present blooming state of the region and they are so famous that visitors come from across the globe to Hawaii only for them. (more…)

Visiting Kauai, Hawaii with kids

Even in an island paradise such as Kauai, its guaranteed that at one point, your teen will throw a fit. It might be during a plantation tour when the sullenly reach for their Mp3 player to block out the tour guide’s voice, or when they refuse to put on a swimsuit for the family scuba diving lesson. At some point it will happen, and there’s really only one way to prevent it: let your teen help plan the vacation. (more…)