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Greece: A great family vacation in Keramoti

It is no wonder that Greece could be a great family vacation for everybody and for every family no matter of what nationality the people are. It is certainly one of the best places you could go in every time and especially in spring and summer. Continue reading “Greece: A great family vacation in Keramoti” »

A Family Holiday in Rhodes

The island of Rhodes has always been a memorable place. It combines everything that you need in a holiday island, beautiful beaches, idyllic scenery, exciting nightlife and large green spaces. Rhodes really does have something for everyone; even if you’re not captivated instantly by the World Heritage-listed old town with its medieval charm and winding cobbled streets, then there’s always the spectacular mountain roads and almost untouched beauty of its rocky interiors. Continue reading “A Family Holiday in Rhodes” »

The Greek Islands – History’s Stepping Stones

History and Adventure of the Greek Islands

Greece has over 1,400 islands scattered across the Aegean Sea. located in proximity of Greece to the west and to the north, Turkey to the east, and Crete, Greece’s largest island, to the south. Crete is known as the “stepping stone of Greece” because ancient Greek civilization started on Crete and is today, along with many of the other Greek islands, a popular tourist desination. Today, many of the islands economies are centred around tourism and have seen the construction of hotels, holiday homes and resorts, but these Greek islands are ancient. They have a well documented history, often dating back 3,000 BC. Over the millenia these islands have changed hands from rulers such as the Greeks themselves, Ottomans, Persians, Byzantines, Romans and European Crusaders. Continue reading “The Greek Islands – History’s Stepping Stones” »