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Tourist Attractions in Spain : Diverse & Comprehensive

Spain is the land of outstanding natural and cultural attractions! Yes, the tourist attractions in Spain range from Mediterranean beaches on the north to the mountains and national parks all over its territory. One can spot deciduous and coniferous forests, dry plains, salt marshes, rugged coves, and river valleys. So, the best way to explore all of them is through the different national parks, jeep excursions, and hiking. (more…)

Barcelona Tourist Attractions – Certainly Worthy

My this time vacation destination was the famous European city of Barcelona in Spain. I had only heard about it in history books, but was never ever ardent to visit it. Thanks to my uncle and aunt who visited the place last year and recommended me and my family this time to tour this promising destination. When they started describing to me as to what Barcelona tourist attractions they explored, I became keen to visit those too. They talked to me about beaches, zoos, museums, parks, and streets and that I also planned to visit these alluring Barcelona tourist attractions. (more…)