Sights and Happenings in Luxembourg City

With a 2014 population of 107,000, Luxembourg City is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (a Grand Duchy is a territory ruled by a Grand Duke). It sits at the confluence of the Petrusse and Alzette Rivers in the southern part of Luxembourg. It is by far the most populous city in the country, and is also one of the wealthiest cities in the world, being a major banking and administrative center.

Throughout history, Luxembourg City has been an important strategic site, and by the 16th century had built up its fortifications so as to be one of the strongest in Europe. In fact, by the 18th century the defenses were even further strengthened and Luxembourg was thought to be impregnable, even becoming known as “the Gibraltar of the North”. Some of the fortifications along with the old quarters of the city can still be seen as evidence of this.

Luxembourg City has an unusual topography for a city of its type, being situated on outcrops, ridges and rocky upland surrounding the two rivers. The city itself is not densely populated, as there are plenty of open spaces within the city that include parks and farmlands. The high spaces make for some stunning views of the city and valley.

The beautiful old Train Station is a central point around which the main shopping areas lie. Across the Petrusse Valley is the old town, which includes some wonderful old buildings. Be sure to visit the magnificent Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, which dates from the early 17th century. Also not to be missed is the great arched Adolphe Bridge, along with the Grand Ducal Palace. Also, right outside of town is the American Military Cemetery where George S. Patton is buried.

This city had been known for decades as a quiet and sober place where nothing much happens at night; however that has changed in recent years, as many bars, restaurants and clubs have exploded onto the scene, making Luxembourg City a lively after-dark hotspot.

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